Coming Home to a Smart Apartment

Coming home to a smart apartment is easiest with a smart door lock with either pushbutton or touchscreen interface. Never worry about carrying keys again with code based access that allows only those authorized to enter the apartment.  Codes can be granted for up to 242 unique users, and access can even be limited to specific days of the week or times of the day.

Make coming home even easier with Bluetooth Touchless Disarming. Pair your smartphone with the Qolsys #IQPanel, and when you leave, arm the system in “away mode.”  Your apartment and its contents will be safe and protected while you are gone. When you return, the #IQPanel instantly detects your phone as it gets in range (up to 60 feet away) will disarm the security system and unlock the front door. You simply walk inside!  It’s the easiest and most convenient way to return home without typing your codes, and with the encrypted, individually authenticated connection via Bluetooth it’s safe and secure.

Going on a trip? Create a temporary code for a friend to make sure Fido gets his food.

Moving out? Instead of paying a locksmith to change the locks, simply delete the user code and assign a new one to the new tenant.

Installing a smart door lock is easy. Simply remove the old hardware with a new Z-Wave lock from reliable companies such as Yale, quickset, Schlage, and others, pair the lock to your Qolsys #IQPanel and any codes you have synchronize from the cloud to your panel will automatically be added to your lock*.  (*May require granting permission to the lock in your mobile app.  See “Users” in the menu for more details)

Add a smart lock to install on your smart apartment by talking to your local authorized Qolsys dealer/installer today.