5 Reasons Why a Monitored Alarm System Is Important

In the age of DIY electronics, it may be tempting to try to save some costs and monitor your alarm system on your own.  Here are five reasons why a professionally monitored alarm system is important and well worth it.

  1. Peace of Mind

For me, the main reason for a monitored security system for your home or business is peace of mind.  Your home is your castle.  Your business is your livelihood.  Everyone has a million and one things they are dealing with in everyday life an business.  Whether you're home or away, you will know that your system is actively being monitored and you don’t have to think about "what if" or "next steps" if an alarm occurs.  Your property and loved ones have one more layer of protection that you don't have to think about.  Are your current smoke detectors being monitored?  What happens if you are not home or the business is closed during a fire event?  Do you have a pet home alone?  A monitored alarm system gives you assurance that if an alarm event occurs, immediate action will be taken.

Emergency Response
  1. Timing is important

When an alarm occurs, timing is critical.  Whether it is a fire alarm or break-in, seconds matter.  With a monitored system, the process of verification and emergency dispatch begins immediately.  In an emergency, you may become flustered, anxious, or be unavailable to act quickly on your own.  Your priority should be creating a safe environment during an emergency.  What if you are sound asleep, have your mobile device silenced while in an important meeting, or out of cellular coverage?  Life and property could be at serious risk without immediate response.

  1. 24/7 Professional oversight

Alarm monitoring centers are 24/7 professionally staffed facilities that are dedicated to monitoring and responding to incoming alarms.  The staff is trained for quick, proper verification, and emergency dispatch.  UL rated monitoring facilities have back up power systems, and redundant internet and cellular service.  A properly installed and programmed alarm system will perform regular tests to make sure that is online and actively communicating with the 24/7 central station.  

  1. Remote connectivity

A professionally installed and monitored alarm system is just one part of the overall system.  With a system installed by Anchor Door, you will have access to a mobile app that you will give you complete connection to your system whenever you need it.  We exclusively use the award-winning Alarm.com mobile app.  This even allows for programmed notifications of non-alarm events, monitoring of cameras, video motion alerts, controlling smart locks, thermostats, garage doors, lights, etc.  A single app to control all your smart home devices is included with your monitoring contract.

  1. Convenience

This is actually a combination of the previous 4 reasons.  They all add up to convenience.  Safe, secure and connected.  That is the mission of Anchor Door and what we provide for you.  And if you have trouble with your system, need program modifications, or want to add additional equipment, Anchor Door is a phone call or email away.  

Do you have more questions?  See our FAQ page.  Or contact us today for a free consultation on a new or existing system.